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Handcrafted Iron Card Case by aizara

$110 USD


The characteristic “black” color of our product is natural iron color, not coloring or paint. During iron manufacturing, the surface of hot “red” iron turns black as it cools because of oxidization. We leave this oxidized layer of black without coloring or painting on our iron (which we call kurokawa TETSU).

We, at aizara, are a small iron works pursuing our craft under the concept of preserving black iron’s natural qualities.

The products have subtle surface scratches that naturally exist on black iron due to the production process. Also, the black surface accumulates rust gradually with usage and “ages” similar to wooden and leather products. You will enjoy this change and know that each of our products is going to be one of a kind for you.

The more you use our Business Card Case, the more you enjoy traces on the surface. They are created by you and you will feel it is your own. Enjoy also the distinctive metallic sound when you open and close it. This card case is made from iron only with simple buckle, totally minimal design. We recommend you to keep it in your bag and not in your jacket’s pocket.

Suitable business card size to use: 55x91mm (please note by design the top of your cards will protrude 2mm from the case).

These products are finished by wax. You can use general car wax to maintain the iron surface. Be sure to wipe with a dry cloth. Maintenance once every 1-3 months is ideal. Subtle rust can be wiped off with a dry cloth before applying car wax.

This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.