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Traditional rooted in Kyoto creates modern flip-flops! "Jojo" sandals for men and women.

$370 USD


This is not just a flip-flops.  This is created and made by one of the most traditional "zori (shoes for Kimono wearing)" artisan called NAITO, in KYOTO, Japan.  NAITO was established in 1875 in Gion, very mystical place for old Kyoto, Geisha or Maiko where has been center of Kyoto Kimono culture for centuries.  Now, you can experience the essence of Kyoto!

When you wear Y-shape ordinal flip-flops longer time, your foot is going to be tired or sored. These sandals named "Jojo" will not give such uncomfortable on your foot.  You know why? The secret is the hanao (means strap part of sandals).   The rubber part at the open toe uses the same material special rubber as the one uses for a pacifier which touches to your foot softly and comfy.

Very impressive fashionable design with comfortable and functional footwear created and manufactured in Kyoto, Japan using superior materials introduced below.  Needles to say, high quality and production under healthy / fare manufacturing & labor circumstances in Japan. 

<about Material>

  • SBR >>> The characteristically round shape of the rubber sole uses SBR to control the particular rubber odor. SBR is a common material used in tires that has superior strength and abrasion resistance.
  • EVA >>> EVA that is used in the core of the rubber soles has a bouncy quality and is hard to wear out. With its elasticity, you don’t feel stress on your feet on hard asphalt. We promise you lightness and comfort when walking with JoJo.
  • CORK >>> We have developed special cork for the sole. The material is natural and safe enough for babies to put into their mouths. They are comfortable for feet and are break-resistant

4 different size variations SS-S-M-L are available

5 different color variations Red - Black - Gray - White - Honey are available.

Dimension of shoe and Weight of pair is as follows:

  • SS : L8.94 x W3.66 x H1.22 inch  / 1.01lbs
  • S : L9.35 x W3.86 x H1.22 inch  / 1.12 lbs
  • M : L9.92 x W4.09 x H1.22 inch / 1.23 lbs
  • L : L10.55 x W4.09 x H1.22 inch / 1.41 kbs

<Please note H is measured the highest heel point>

This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.