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Sayonara Foot Odor! Washi Fiber Socks

$25 USD


These socks will give you never before experienced, excellent, all day long comfort.

They are made from  Washi fiber(Curetex yarn) to ensure superb comfort for your feet, and prevent bacteria and odors.

Washi is Japanese traditional paper. It is a natural “deodorant”, “antibacterial agent”, “humidity controller”, “sweat absorber” and “UV block”. "Curetex" brand developed Washi fiber from Washi to optimize these benefits. "Curetex yarn" Washi fiber socks will protect your feet.

Research has shown that separating the toes improves proprioception - our body's sense of its own position, balance and movement. Toe separation also improves blood circulation to the feet as the toes are able to move freely. The combination of this unique design and the powers of "Curetex" brand Washi fiber bring you this most ideal sock.

2 Colors are available .... Black / Dark Grey
2 Sizes are available .... 25-27cm / 27-29cm

Please choose your color and size from the options.

** Please note that colors seems different from the actual products due to your display divice(s).

This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.