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”Bali Deep ”Photo By Zigen

$1,200 USD


“Stop thinking,just feel.”

 Time and space continues to change and the whirl of information grows bigger as it draws us in.Our perception are always leveled through our environment and information,and are symbolizedas communication tools.Globalization became convenient and fast by standardizing our senses in this system of the city.Will there ever be a moment where we will stop thinking,if we continue to parasite in this city?


Originally,perception meant“seeing”and“listening”,and to recognize what something is.Seeing“red”is a sense.Seeing “a red apple”is a perception.Seeing a red color is a primitive sense.After seeing a red apple,if one feels“it looks good”or“it looks sour”,it will only come because of our personal perception.Perception can change depending on the individual, but sense is something we all have.


If we see a crimson twilight sky that we rarely see in the city and we feel“beautiful”,isn’t it a primitive sense that we all humans possess?That moment,you can feel yourself freed from“thinking”and only“feeling”.


We think that it is time to lose that border you have had with your perception,and just“feel”.We hope to recall your primitive senses by making you realize your five senses.We aim to express the primitive senses that we all humans possess, no matter ofboundaries,reces,
cultures,or religions,through“Bali Deep”.






This size A2/420mm×594mm :1200$

also we have A3/329mm×483mm: 700$  A4/420mm×594mm:400$

please ask anytime about size .



This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.